MOL Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOLG) is a leading e-payment enabler for online goods and services in emerging and developed markets. They operate a payments platform that connects consumers with digital content providers, telecommunications service providers and online merchants by providing a vast network of payment channels that accept cash and online payment methods. Their physical distribution network comprises more than 970,000 locations in 11 countries across 4 continents. They also have mob... ile payment channels, electronic distribution channels that accept major credit cards and online banking from over 100 banks. Their products provide various opportunities to acquire and retain customers and their payment credentials, which present cross-selling opportunities for their existing and future solutions. With a clear focus on emerging markets, they continue to build great products and make an impact on the e-payment world of tomorrow.

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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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[email protected]

Total Funding:
39.9 M USD

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Top asked questions

Where is MOL's headquarters / location ? MOL is located in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How much funding has MOL raised to date? MOL has raised 39.9 M USD

What is MOL's stock symbol? MOL's stock symbol is MOLG

What is MOL's official website ? MOL's official website is

Who are MOL's founders? MOL's founders are Budi Handoko,Ganesh Kumar Bangah

Current Employees Featured


Zoey Kong Sook Lai
Zoey Kong Sook Lai Country Manager @ MOL
Country Manager


Kenneth Chang Yit Fei
Kenneth Chang Yit Fei Non-Independent Non-Executive @ MOL
Non-Independent Non-Executive


Jefferson Joseph Boone
Jefferson Joseph Boone Country Manager @ MOL
Country Manager


Datoโ€™ Francis Lee Kok Chuan
Datoโ€™ Francis Lee Kok Chuan Non-Independent Non-Executive @ MOL
Non-Independent Non-Executive


Tee Pan Yong
Tee Pan Yong Chief Technology Officer @ MOL
Chief Technology Officer


Ramlee Bin Jaafar
Ramlee Bin Jaafar Executive Director @ MOL
Executive Director


Charles Chau
Charles Chau Chief Operating Officer @ MOL
Chief Operating Officer


Nguyen Hoa Binh
Nguyen Hoa Binh Country Manager @ MOL
Country Manager


Craig White
Craig White President of Global Operations @ MOL
President of Global Operations


Datoโ€™ Nasri Bin Nasrun
Datoโ€™ Nasri Bin Nasrun Independent Non-Executive @ MOL
Independent Non-Executive



Budi Handoko


Ganesh Kumar Bangah

Stock Details

Company's stock symbol is NASDAQ:MOLG

Acquisitions List

Date Company Article Price
2014-09-01 PaybyMe PaybyMe acquired by MOL N/A
2013-04-22 acquired by MOL N/A
2012-10-22 Rixty Rixty acquired by MOL N/A
2011-06-01 LoadCentral LoadCentral acquired by MOL N/A
2009-12-10 Friendster Friendster acquired by MOL 26.4 M USD

Investors List



Razer investment in Post-IPO Equity - MOL



Razer investment in Venture Round - MOL

Investments List

Date Company Article Money raised
2013-03-13 PaytoGo MOL investment in Series A - PaytoGo N/A
2000-09-19 Tcert MOL investment in Venture Round - Tcert 1.5 M USD

Newest Events participated

level-up-kl-2016_event_image Participated in Level UP KL 2016 on 2016-11-08 as sponsor

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