Organizations in Japan

Name Industry Address
rakuten_logo Rakuten
Rakuten is a provider of e-commerce, fintech, digital content, and communications products and services. TYO:4755
E-Commerce, Electronics, FinTech, Internet, Payments Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
fromsoftware_logo FromSoftware
FromSoftware is a video game development company focusing on games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, and Wii platforms.
Console Games, Developer Tools, eSports, Gaming, Information Technology, Video Games Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
ovice_logo OVice
oVice is a virtual space based on voice chat that helps teams stay connected.
Events, Information Services, Information Technology, Video Conferencing, Virtual Reality, Virtual World Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
takeda-pharmaceutical_logo Takeda
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited operates as a research-based pharmaceutical company in Japan. TYO:4502
Biotechnology, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical, Pharmaceutical Osaka, Osaka, Japan
crunchyroll_logo Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is a video service provider for Japanese animated productions and Asian media services.
Subscription Service, Video Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
smartnews-inc_logo SmartNews
SmartNews is a news app that helps users find quality news beyond the filter bubble.
Apps, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Mobile, News Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
al_logo Al+
al+ specializes in personalized artificial intelligence services.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
mercari_logo Mercari
Mercari is a community shopping app provides buying and selling. TYO:4385
E-Commerce, Internet, Mobile Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
ubie_logo Ubie
Ubie is a Tokyo based health-tech startup, that provides AI-based healthcare products, hospital SaaS products, and AI symptom checkers.
Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, Medical, SaaS Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
square-enix-north-america_logo Square Enix
Square Enix develops, publishes, and markets interactive entertainment titles worldwide. TYO:9684
Gaming, Internet, Media and Entertainment, Mobile, Music Shinjuku, Yamanashi, Japan
olympus-corporation_logo Olympus
Olympus manufactures and sells precision machineries and instruments worldwide. TYO:7733
Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Manufacturing, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
bitbank-inc-_logo Bitbank
Bitcoin wallet, payment processing, bitcoin reward service and news media
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Internet, Payments, Social Media Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
line-corporation_logo Line
LINE develops calling and messaging applications for mobile phones in Japan and internationally. TYO:3938
Apps, Messaging, Mobile, Mobile Apps Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
akatsuki-3_logo Akatsuki
Akatsuki is an IT company that offers mobile social game and live experience services. TYO:3932
Gaming, Online Games, Social Media, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
cureapp_logo CureApp
CureApp is a digital health startup
Content, Health Care, Medical Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
paidly_logo Paidy
Paidy is a software platform that allows consumers to buy online without a credit card or pre-registration.
Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Minato, Chiba, Japan
nec_logo NEC Corporation
NEC Corporation integrates IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. TYO:6701
Big Data, Information Technology, Network Security, Telecommunications Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
toyota_logo Toyota Motor
Toyota is an automotive company that manufactures and markets vehicles to over 170 countries and regions. NYSE:TM
Automotive, Manufacturing, Mobile, Transportation Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
animoca-brands-kk_logo Animoca Brands KK
Animoca Brands KK support the global strategy of Web3.0 for Japanese intellectual property and content (IP) holders.
Blockchain Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
moneytree_logo Moneytree
Moneytree is a financial data aggregation platform that provides a personal finance app and a cloud-based accounting service.
Banking, Big Data, Credit Cards, Finance, FinTech, Personal Finance Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
soracom_logo SORACOM
SORACOM provides IoT (Internet of Things) platform of data communication to connect all the people and things in the society.
Cloud Computing, Internet, Internet of Things, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
ichikara_logo ANYCOLOR
ANYCOLOR is an entertainment startup that is engaged in overseas VTuber business and new businesses.
Content, Media and Entertainment, Video Editing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
kioxia_logo KIOXIA
KIOXIA is a group strategy formulation and management company.
Data Storage, Hardware, Information Technology, Internet, Manufacturing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
paypay_logo PayPay
PayPay is an online payment app.
Finance, FinTech, Internet, Mobile Payments Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
campfire-5_logo CAMPFIRE
CAMPFIRE engages in the planning, development, and operation of a crowd funding platform.
Asset Management, Content, Cryptocurrency, Fashion, Finance, Human Resources, Internet, Sharing Economy, SNS Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
re-7098_logo RE
RE specializes in smartphone application design and development.
Apps, Information Technology, Internet, Web Development Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
rapyuta-robotics_logo Rapyuta Robotics
Rapyuta Robotics, cloud-connected low-cost multi-robot systems for logistics warehouse.
Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Robotics Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
money-forward_logo Money Forward
Money Forward provides online personal accounting solutions that enable individuals to better manage their daily expenses. TYO:3994
Accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
gojo-company_logo Gojo & Company
Gojo extends financial inclusion to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Micro Lending Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
opn_logo Opn
Opn offers fintech solutions, consulting, and digital solutions for e-commerce.
Blockchain, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
bitflyer_logo BitFlyer
BitFlyer is a bitcoin exchange and marketplace that enables its customers to buy, sell, and spend bitcoins.
Asset Management, Bitcoin, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Finance, FinTech, Marketplace Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
astroscale_logo Astroscale
Astroscale was founded by an IT entrepreneur who proposed using a start-up mentality to address the business of orbital debris mitigation.
Aerospace, Information Technology, Robotics, Space Travel Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
sprocket-inc_logo Sprocket
Sprocket is a web-based customer development platform that delivers the latest digital marketing information.
Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Service Industry Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
legalforce-japan_logo LegalForce
LegalForce is an AI-powered contract management platform that provides contract review support services.
Artificial Intelligence, Legal, Legal Tech, Natural Language Processing, Task Management Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan
preferred-networks_logo Preferred Networks
Preferred Networks develops real-world applications of deep learning, robotics and other latest technologies.
Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Robotics, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
valu_logo VALU
VALU is providing services related to online recruitment and human resources support.
Cryptocurrency, Finance, SNS Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
nature_logo Nature
Nature offers a product that enables its users to save money by controlling the use of their air conditioners.
Clean Energy, Consumer Electronics, Energy Management, Internet, Internet of Things, Sensor Shibuya, Kanagawa, Japan
spiber_logo Spiber Inc.
A biotech company developing microbially-fermented Brewed Proteinโ„ข materials to help build a more sustainable society.
Advanced Materials, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Building Material, Life Science Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan
the-base_logo BASE
BASE provides web-based services that develop and build e-commerce platforms. TYO:4477
Developer Platform, E-Commerce, Online Portals Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
coinpass_logo Orb
Orb is an enterprise software startup that helps businesses to define and configure their own coin economy.
Enterprise Software, FinTech, Information Technology, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
sharp-corporation_logo Sharp
Sharp is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electric telecommunication, electric, and electronic equipments. TYO:6753
Electronics, Hardware, Manufacturing, Telecommunications Sakai, Toyama, Japan
andpad_logo Andpad
Andpad provides a construction management application for users throughout Japan.
Apps, Construction, Internet, Product Design, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
i-mbesideyou_logo I'mbesideyou
I'mbesideyou deals with online communication platform intended to improve the quality of online communication with video analysis AI.
Artificial Intelligence, Education, Information Technology, SaaS Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
finc_logo FiNC
FiNC combines data analysis, rich content, and social elements to help users log, understand, manage, and improve their health and wellness.
Analytics, Fitness, Health Care, Nutrition, Wellness Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
cocone_logo Cocone
cocone develops and publishes mobile games and applications, and provides assistance to maintain their social media presence.
Gaming, Language Learning, Mobile Apps, Social Network Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
btcbox_logo BTCBOX
BTCBOX is an application that offers cryptocurrency exchange services.
Apps, Cryptocurrency, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
every-delish-kitchen_logo Every
A Japanese online recipe video media startup.
Content, Digital Media, Food and Beverage, Recipes, Video Minato, Chiba, Japan
mujin_logo Mujin, Inc.
Mujin develops automation solutions for industrial robots to simplify factory and logistics automation and increase worldwide productivity.
Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Manufacturing, Robotics Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
monstar-lab_logo Monstar Lab
We shape technology that inspires people and grows businesses.
Android, Consulting, Internet of Things, iOS, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web Design Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
kyash-inc_logo Kyash
Kyash is a FinTech company that offers a full-stack banking technology platform along with mobile banking services for consumers.
Banking, Credit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
skydrive_logo SkyDrive
SkyDrive is a start-up for development,manufacturing,sales of the โ€œFlying carsโ€ established by CARTIVATOR members.
Automotive, Drones, Manufacturing, Robotics Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
mitsubishi-motors_logo Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Motors is a Japan-based automobile company that develops, produces, and sells passenger vehicles and automotive components. TYO:7211
Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
thirdverse_logo Thirdverse
Thirdverse develops multiplayer virtual reality games.
Augmented Reality, Console Games, Gaming, Video Games, Virtual Reality Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
synspective-inc_logo Synspective
provides solutions for customersโ€™ challenges with utilizing and integrating data from โ€œSARโ€ satellite constellations, big data, and so on.
Computer Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
gitai_logo GITAI
GITAI is a robotics startup that develops remote controlled robots to replace astronaut's operations in commercial space stations.
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Space Travel, Virtual Reality, Virtual World, Virtualization Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
atonarp_logo Atonarp
Atonarp combines electronics and data processing algorithms for chemical composition analysis.
Analytics, Energy, Health Diagnostics, Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical, Nursing and Residential Care Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
liquid-global_logo Liquid Global
Liquid Global is a developer of a cryptocurrency trading platform designed to provide liquidity to the crypto economy.
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Services, Information Technology, IT Management Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
nomura_logo Nomura
Nomura is an investment banking and securities firm that serve the needs of individuals, institutions, corporate and governments. NYSE:NMR
Banking, Finance, Financial Services Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
f-code_logo F-Code
F-Code is a marketing solution consultancy specialized in providing digital solutions with our self-developed marketing technology.
Advertising, B2B, Digital Marketing, Marketing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
resupress_logo Coincheck
Coincheck operates a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange.
Bitcoin, Blockchain, FinTech, Information Technology, Internet Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
cinnamon_logo Cinnamon AI
Cinnamon AI develops AI-based business platforms to extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks.
Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, Machine Learning, Productivity Tools Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
caddi_logo CADDi
CADDi is an online ordering platform for manufacturing industry.
Information Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing Kuramae, Tokyo, Japan
smarthr-inc_logo SmartHR
Japan-based HR SaaS company that provides cloud-sourced personnel management software for businesses.
Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, SaaS, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
wealthnavi_logo Wealthnavi
Wealthnavi is wealth management of world-class on your side.
Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Property Management Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
zeals_logo ZEALS
Conversational Commerce OMOTENASHI REVOLUTION with Chatbot Technology
E-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketing, Messaging, Natural Language Processing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
bizreach_logo BizReach
BizReach is Japan's foremost job site exclusive to the high class executive jobs.
Employment, Human Resources, Internet, SaaS Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
brave-group_logo Brave Group
Brave group engages in IP development, marketing and support services.
Animation, Internet, Marketing Higashi-shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
gumi_logo Gumi Inc
Gumi is a game development company that features a mobile social network. TYO:3903
Gaming, Information Technology, Mobile, Social Network Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
soundraw_logo SOUNDRAW
SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator for video creators.
Artificial Intelligence, Content Creators, Music Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
ginco_logo Ginco
A multi-cryptocurrency wallet app.
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
lifenet-insurance-company_logo LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY
Lifenet Insurance Company, an internet insurance company, offers a range of insurance underwriting and asset management solutions. TYO:7157
Financial Services, Insurance, Internet, Medical, Nursing and Residential Care Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
abeja-inc-_logo ABEJA
ABEJA is a platform that integrate state-of-the-art AI technologies including IoT, big data, and deep learning.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, CRM, Machine Learning, Marketing, Marketing Automation Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
uzabase_logo Uzabase
Uzabase provides information infrastructure supporting decision-making in business activities. TYO:3966
Digital Media, Finance, Information Technology, News Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
timetree_logo Timetree
TimeTree is a Japanese startup. Helping people to manage their busy lives while sharing calendars.
Apps, Productivity Tools, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
soda-inc_logo SODA
Soda is the Japanese startup behind a marketplace specializing in sneakers and streetwear called SNKRDUNK.
E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace, Retail Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
axelspace_logo Axelspace
Axelspace is a commercial microsatellite developer and satellite imagery provider.
Aerospace, National Security, Real Time Nihombashi-hamacho, Tokyo, Japan
sony_logo Sony
Sony develops and manufactures audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. OTCPINK:SNEJF
Consumer Electronics, Digital Entertainment, Electronics, Manufacturing, Software, Video on Demand Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
pretia_logo Pretia
Pretia is a Internet service planning, development and operation business.
Content, Gaming, Information Technology, Internet, Software, Virtual Reality, Web Design, Web Development Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
integriculture_logo Integriculture
Integriculture makes cellular agriculture products to improve sustainability, food security, and reduce public health problems.
Agriculture, Beauty, Education, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Task Management Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
spread-co-ltd_logo Spread
SPREAD is a food infrastructure company that ensures e stable food supply through automated production.
Agriculture, Farming, Industrial Automation, Internet Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
guangdong-gaojing-solar-energy-technology_logo Guangdong Gaojing Solar Energy Technology
Guangdong Gaojing Solar Energy Technology is a solar energy technology.
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar China, Kagoshima, Japan
sansan_logo Sansan
Sansan is a multi-platform cloud-based contact management solution for corporations. TYO:4443
B2B, Contact Management, CRM, Enterprise Software, Small and Medium Businesses, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
wealthpark_logo WealthPark
WealthPark is a digital asset management platform that connects investors and managers of real estate.
Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
cogent-labs_logo Cogent Labs
Cogent Labs is solving for practical artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
tbm_logo TBM Japan
TBM is a development, manufacture and sale of LIMEX and LIMEX products.
Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
boulder_logo Boulder
Boulder is a human resource copmany.
Human Resources, Task Management, Technical Support Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
exawizards_logo ExaWizards
Exa Wizards is integrated the digital sensation that has been conducting research in collaboration with EXAIntelligence
Industrial Engineering Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
revcomm_logo RevComm
RevComm is the startup company developing Voice x AI-enabled cloud services .
Artificial Intelligence, Task Management, Telecommunications Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
softbank-robotics_logo SoftBank Robotics Holdings
SoftBank Robotics Holdings Offers robot-related products and services.
Information Technology, Robotics Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
ispace-technologies-inc-_logo Ispace Technologies
Ispace Technologies is a space resource exploration company that locates, extracts, and delivers lunar ice to customers in cis-lunar space.
Aerospace, Manufacturing, Navigation, Robotics, Space Travel, Sustainability, Task Management Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
raksul_logo Raksul
Raksul is a B2B platform builder with a vision of "better systems, better world". It has platforms in printing, logistics and advertising. TYO:4384
B2B, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Printing Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
gofood-e799_logo GoFood
GoFood operates an online food delivery service providing healthy & sugar-restricted frozen foods for a healthy lifestyle.
Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Wellness Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
hyperithm_logo Hyperithm
Hyperithm is a private digital asset manager based in Tokyo and Seoul, serving institutional investors and high net-worth individuals.
Asset Management, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
japan-foodie_logo TakeMe Co., Ltd.
TakeMe offers multi-channel cross-border smartphone payment gateway and value-added services for merchants
Consulting, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, Restaurants, Software, Tourism Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
qunasys_logo QunaSys
QunaSys is a Research and development of quantum computer hardware company.
Computer, Consulting, Information Technology, Quantum Computing, Software Hongo, Tokyo, Japan
panasonic-healthcare-holdings_logo PHC Holdings
PHC Holdings is a global corporation focused on the development of healthcare and research technology.
Biotechnology, Health Care, Hospital, Medical, Medical Device, Nursing and Residential Care Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
arsaga-partners_logo Arsaga Partners
Arsaga Partners is a Tokyo-based company that specializes in developing and designing apps and web services.
Apps, Collaboration, Consulting, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Project Management, Software, Web Development Shibuya, Kanagawa, Japan
allm_logo Allm
Allm is a medical ICT company develops innovative mHealth solutions transforming the way healthcare providers collaborate.
Health Care, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Medical Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
medibang_logo MediBang
MediBang is a communication internet company to help people connect through art.
Art, Internet, Media and Entertainment, SNS Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
luup-japan_logo Luup
Luup is a micromobility company that provides shared e-scooters and e-bikes.
Apps, E-Commerce, Electric Vehicle, Internet, Mobile Apps, Transportation Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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