Organizations in Finland

Name Industry Address
nokia_logo Nokia
Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and network infrastructure. HEL:NOKIA
Electronics, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, Mobile Devices, Telecommunications Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
varjo_logo Varjo
Varjo makes advanced VR/XR hardware and software for industrial use, paving the way for a true-to-life metaverse.
Augmented Reality, Hardware, Software, Virtual Reality, Virtualization Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
mariadb_logo MariaDB
MariaDB is a new generation cloud database company whose products have been downloaded over 1B times and used by 75% of the Fortune 500.
Cloud Management, Database, Enterprise Software, Open Source, Software, Technical Support Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
iqm_logo IQM Quantum Computers
IQM builds quantum computers, focusing on superconducting technology.
Computer, Hardware, Product Design, Quantum Computing Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
nitro-games_logo Nitro Games
Nitro Games is a mobile game developer and publisher focusing on strategy gaming experiences. STO:NITRO
Android, Gaming, iOS, Video Games Kotka, Southern Finland, Finland
hmd-global-oy_logo HMD
HMD designs and manufactures mobile phones.
Consumer Electronics, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Mobile Devices, Product Design Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
iceye_logo ICEYE
ICEYE operates a synthetic-aperture radar satellite constellation designed to deliver monitoring capabilities for any location on earth.
Aerospace, Information Services, Information Technology Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
relex_logo RELEX Solutions
RELEX Solutions provides an integrated retail and supply chain planning system that delivers results for customers around the world.
Enterprise Software, Retail, Retail Technology, Software, Supply Chain Management Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
neural-dsp_logo Neural DSP
Neural DSP empowers music players by democratizing the access to world-class sound, through an intuitive software/hardware ecosystem.
Electronics, Hardware, Music, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
swappie_logo Swappie
Swappie is a end-to-end online marketplace for buying and selling refurbished smartphones.
Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Marketplace Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
enfuce_logo Enfuce
Enfuce offers payment, open banking, and sustainability services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants.
Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
tecnotree_logo Tecnotree
Tecnotree Corporation is a telecommunications company, which develops and supplies messaging and charging solutions for operators HEL:TEM1V
Information Technology, Internet, Telecommunications Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
neste_logo Neste
Neste is a forerunner in oil refining and renewable solutions. HEL:NESTE
Oil and Gas Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
onego-bio_logo Onego Bio
Onego Bio is a smart protein is a piece of cake.
Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
yousician_logo Yousician
Yousician is the world's largest music educator.
E-Learning, Music, Music Education Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
stora-enso_logo Stora Enso
Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. HEL:STERV
Manufacturing, Paper Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
sensible4_logo Sensible 4
Sensible 4 is an autonomous driving software company that develops self-driving vehicles for all-year round use.
Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
Powering beautifully effective ads
Ad Targeting, Advertising, Advertising Platforms, E-Commerce, Social Media Advertising Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
solar-foods-oy_logo Solar Foods
Solar Foods produces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and electricity as the main resources.
Biotechnology, Food Processing Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
supermetrics_logo Supermetrics
Supermetrics is a B2B software company that pulls data from various sources to use for web analytics, social media, and online marketing.
Analytics, B2B, Enterprise Software, Marketing, SaaS, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
selma-finance_logo Selma Finance
the easiest way to take care of your money.
Finance, Financial Services, FinTech Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
bolygon_logo Yahaha
Yahaha develops a platform where developers and game players can use the engine to develop their own games and publish it on the platform.
Online Games, Social Network Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
tesseract-investment_logo Tesseract
Tesseract is a diversified financial services and investment management innovator in digital assets
Asset Management, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Lending Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
maas-finland_logo MaaS Global
MaaS Global is a mobility-as-a-service operator that provides its users all types of city transport services in a single app.
Apps, Last Mile Transportation, Mobile Payments, Ride Sharing, Transportation Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
universe-2c51_logo Happeo
Happeo is the ultimate solution to information chaos, helping companies to move fast while staying in control.
Cloud Computing, Google, Human Resources, Online Portals, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
crowdchupa_logo Crowdsorsa
A game for crowdsourcing data collection.
Artificial Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Location Based Services, Transportation Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
hoxhunt_logo Hoxhunt
HoxHunt provides cybersecurity training services.
Computer, Cyber Security, Network Security Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
elisa_logo Elisa
Elisa is telecommunication, ICT, and an online service company for communication and entertainment.
Consumer, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Online Portals, Telecommunications Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
rovio-entertainment_logo Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Rovio Entertainment Corporation provide entertainment media,develops, publishes, and distributes video games. HEL:ROVIO
Animation, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, Mobile Apps Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
aiforia_logo Aiforia
Aiforia’s mission is to provide global access to AI-powered image analysis for medical, healthcare professionals and beyond.
Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Education, Health Care, Information Technology, Life Science, Machine Learning, Medical, Neuroscience, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
virta-ltd_logo Virta Ltd.
Virta is the innovation leader in electric vehicle charging services
Automotive, Customer Service, Electric Vehicle, Electronics, Information Technology, Mobile Apps Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
dispelix_logo Dispelix
Dispelix is a manufacturer and designer of next-gen lightweight smart glasses and AR displays.
Eyewear, Fashion, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Product Design Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
ifarm-project_logo IFarm
Data-driven technologies, software and solutions for automated vertical farms
Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Horticulture, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
fazer-2_logo Fazer
Fazer Group mission is to create taste sensations. Customer orientation, quality and operations are based.
Bakery, Confectionery, Food and Beverage Vantaa, Southern Finland, Finland
logmore_logo Logmore
Logmore improves logistics quality control by QR data loggers and a connected cloud platform.
Business Information Systems, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Jyväskylä, Western Finland, Finland
kide-science_logo Kide Science
The most engaging model with a platform to give teachers the confidence to teach inquiry-based lessons with play and stories to children.
Child Care, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Edutainment, STEM Education Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
verto-analytics_logo Verto Analytics
A consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring consumers’ behavior on every device, app, and platform they use throughout the day.
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Market Research Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
euroloan_logo Mash
One of Europe's fastest growing FinTech companies driving innovation in payments and lending.
Banking, Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Micro Lending, Mobile Payments, Payments, Point of Sale Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
betolar_logo Betolar
Betolar is a new materials startup specialized in new geopolymer-based carbon-neutral construction materials.
Kannonkoski, Western Finland, Finland
silo-ai_logo Silo.AI
Silo.AI is the largest private AI lab in the Nordics providing world-class AI expertise and tooling for CV, NLP and ML.
Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
musti-group_logo Musti Group
Musti Group is a pet care firm that provides pet items. HEL:MUSTI
Pet, Retail Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Ōura_logo ŌURA
ŌURA is the company behind the Oura Ring — the smart ring that delivers personalized health data, insights, and daily guidance.
Apps, Health Care, Mobile Apps, Wearables, Wellness Oulu, Oulu, Finland
infinited-fiber-company_logo Infinited Fiber Company
Infinited Fiber Company is on a mission to make circular fashion and textiles an everyday reality
Biotechnology Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
everywear-games_logo Metacore
Metacore is a wearable games company.
Casual Games, Wearables Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
receipthero_logo ReceiptHero
Platform to for Merchants to engage with customers. Loyalty and receipts in one platform - respecting our data privacy
Advertising Platforms, Developer APIs, Digital Marketing, Financial Services, FinTech, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
wirepas_logo Wirepas
No bullshit. Just enterprise IoT as it should be. Connecting millions of devices. Failure-free. No infrastructure. No middlemen.
Internet of Things, Software, Wireless Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
supercell_logo Supercell
Supercell is a video game development company for tablets and smart phones.
Gaming, PC Games, Video Games Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
hintsa_logo Hintsa
A employee wellbeing and performance Company
Apps, Content, Fitness, Health Care, Mobile, Wellness Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
klevu-oy_logo Klevu
Klevu Oy is a self-learning search engine that helps online retailers turn visitors into customers.
E-Commerce, Internet Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
huuva_logo Huuva
The platform powering virtual restaurants.
Food Delivery, Restaurants Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
leadfeeder_logo Leadfeeder
Leadfeeder is a sales lead generation tool for B2B companies, helping convert promising visitors into sales leads.
Advertising, Analytics, B2B, Internet, Lead Generation Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
blidz_logo Blidz
Together. Great fun. Big savings. Have fun saving money on great products with your friends.
E-Commerce, Gamification, Gaming, Shopping Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
ori-solution_logo Ori Solution
Ori Solution is a clean energy company that revolutionizes the conversion of kinetic fluid and gas energy to electrical energy.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Wind Energy Lahti, Southern Finland, Finland
zyfra_logo Zyfra
Zyfra is an international company developing products on the basis of the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
spinnova_logo Spinnova
Spinnova represents a disruptive, ecological innovation that turns cellulose into textile fibre simply, without harmful chemicals. HEL:SPINN
Textiles Jyväskylä, Western Finland, Finland
veri-d746_logo Veri
Veri we help health-concious individuals improve their metabolic health by helping them understand what, when and how to eat.
Apps, Consumer, Health Care, Wellness Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
swarmia_logo Swarmia
Continuous improvement for high-performing software development teams
SaaS, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
netmedi_logo Kaiku Health
Kaiku Health is a digital health company with a mission to improve quality of life through health data science.
Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical, mHealth, Personal Health Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
uponor_logo Uponor
Uponor is a provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems .
Building Material, Manufacturing Vantaa, Southern Finland, Finland
tracegrow_logo Tracegrow
Tracegrow is a Finnish cleantech company operating in the circular economy.
Information Technology Kärsämäki, Oulu, Finland
upcloud_logo UpCloud
UpCloud offers the world's fastest cloud servers.
Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, IaaS, Web Hosting Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
wolt_logo Wolt
Wolt is a food delivery company specializing in real-time logistics optimization.
Apps, Delivery, Delivery Service, Food Delivery Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
epassi-payments_logo Epassi Group
Mobile payment solution for employment benefits and other B2B2C services
Financial Services, Mobile Payments, Online Portals Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
eficode_logo Eficode
Eficode is a DevOps, software, automation, and design company with offices in Northern and Western Europe.
Developer Tools, Information Technology, Linux, Open Source, Software, Web Development Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
appfollow_logo AppFollow
AppFollow is a B2B SaaS company offering a one-stop platform to help drive mobile app growth and increase customer loyalty.
Analytics, Android, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Apps, SaaS Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
sharetribe_logo Sharetribe
The easiest way to create your own peer-to-peer marketplace.
Collaborative Consumption, E-Commerce, Internet, Marketplace, Peer to Peer, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
mainframe-industries_logo Mainframe Industries
Mainframe Industries is a pan-Nordic game venture with studios in Helsinki and Reyjavik.
Gaming, MMO Games, Online Games, PC Games, Video Games Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
small-giant-games_logo Small Giant Games
Small Giant Games is an independent game development company based in Helsinki, Finland.
Mobile, PC Games, Software, Video Games Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
flowhaven_logo Flowhaven, Licensing Suite
Flowhaven is a brand licensing management platform enabling professionals to automate every phase of the brand licensing workflow process.
SaaS, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
nightingalehealth_logo Nightingale Health
Nightingale Health is a biotechnology company transforming the prevention of chronic diseases.
Biotechnology, Health Care, Medical Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
happyornot_logo HappyOrNot
HappyOrNot specializes in instant customer and employee experience management enabling organizations to optimize their operations
Analytics, Customer Service, Developer Tools, Information Services, Information Technology Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
ltd_logo CrediNord
SME lending reinvented!
B2B, Banking, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
ebrands_logo EBrands
eBrands is a global ecommerce group company that acquires, operates and scales small and medium-sized consumer brands.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
flowrite_logo Flowrite
Flowrite helps you write emails and messages faster across Google Chrome.
Internet, Productivity Tools, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
fiksu-ruoka_logo Foodello -
Foodello - is a startup that reduces food waste by selling surplus groceries with high discounts through online stores.
Analytics, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
next-games_logo Next Games
Next Games is a free-to-play developer based in Helsinki, Finland. Our priority is to create compelling and easy gameplay experience.
Gaming, Mobile, PC Games, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
carbo-culture_logo Carbo Culture
Carbo Culture is a Nordic-American carbon tech startup that removes carbon from the atmosphere.
Environmental Engineering, Sustainability Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
sulapac_logo Sulapac
Sulapac brings solutions to the global plastic waste problem with biodegradable packaging innovation.
CleanTech, Packaging Services, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, Sustainability Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
redhill-games_logo Redhill Games
Redhill Games are a free to play PC game studio formed by a team of industry veterans.
Gaming, Video Games Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
sympa_logo Sympa
The fastest-growing HR solution provider
Human Resources, Recruiting, SaaS, Software Vantaa, Southern Finland, Finland
tactotek_logo TactoTek
TactoTek manufactures 3D structural electronics by integrating printed circuitry and electronic components into injection-molded plastics.
3D Technology, Automotive, Electronics, Internet of Things, Lighting, Product Design Oulu, Oulu, Finland
tapp-commerce_logo Tapp
Tapp is the alternative payment solution allowing people to convert cash to digital credits and building P2P commerce exchange network
E-Commerce, FinTech, Internet Turku, Western Finland, Finland
freska_logo Freska
Freska is an on-demand online home cleaning services company based and operating in the Nordics.
Home Services, Housekeeping Service, Service Industry Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
haltian_logo Haltian
Haltian provides product development services and commercial Internet of Things solutions.
Android, Hardware, iOS, Linux, Mobile, Software, Web Development Oulu, Oulu, Finland
vainu-io_logo Vainu
Sales intelligence, prospecting and account insights platform with a database of +108 million companies enriched with open data.
Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Database, Lead Generation, Predictive Analytics, Sales, Sales Automation Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
basemark-ltd_logo Basemark
Automotive OS, middleware, tooling and E/E architecture for the Software Defined Vehicle
Automotive, Computer Vision, GPU, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
digital-workforce-2_logo Digital Workforce
Digital Workforce is a service provider specializing in intelligent process automation services. HEL:DWF
Computer, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, IT Management, Robotics, Software Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
bob-w_logo Bob W
A responsible tech company operating hospitality. Bob’s building a slicker alternative to hotels & short-stay apartments
Hospitality Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
critical-force_logo Critical Force
Critical Force is a Finnish video game company
Gaming, Mobile Devices, Video Games Kajaani, Oulu, Finland
loupedeck_logo Loupedeck
We create premium custom editing consoles for Creative and Live Streaming verticals.
Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Hardware, Photo Editing, Software, Video Editing, Video Streaming Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
frogmind_logo HypeHype
HypeHype Inc. is a developer of HypeHype mobile game creation and playing platform
Android, Gaming, iOS, Social Media, Web Apps Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
polar-night-energy_logo Polar Night Energy
Polar Night Energy is a startup that designs and builds heat storages for renewable energy.
Energy, Oil and Gas Pilkanmaa, Southern Finland, Finland
vaadin_logo Vaadin
Vaadin provides modern web components and developer productivity tools for building enterprise business web applications with Java backends.
Developer Platform, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Software, Web Apps Turku, Western Finland, Finland
blueprint-genetics_logo Blueprint Genetics
Blueprint Genetics is a healthcare firm based in Helsinki, San Francisco and Dubai, providing clinical genetic testing to patients.
Biotechnology, Genetics, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Hospital Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
aiven_logo Aiven
Aiven is a technology-driven company that enables businesses to manage an open-source data infrastructure in the cloud.
Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Database, Open Source Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
unikie_logo Unikie
Unikie is a software development Company.
Software Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
faron-pharmaceuticals_logo Faron Pharmaceuticals
Faron Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the biotechnology and medical research industry. LSE:FARN
Biopharma, Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical Turku, Western Finland, Finland
terveystalo-healthcare_logo Terveystalo Healthcare
Terveystalo Healthcare operates healthcare clinics to provide occupational healthcare, medical, and examination services.
Health Care, Hospital Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
sato-16ce_logo SATO
SATO is an online platform to find rental apartments.
E-Commerce, Internet, Real Estate, Rental Property Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
valohai_logo Valohai
The Valohai MLOps platform makes production machine learning easy. Automate machine orchestration, version control & pipeline coordination.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software Turku, Western Finland, Finland
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