Organizations in Israel

Name Industry Address
ourcrowd_logo OurCrowd
OurCrowd is a venture investing platform that enables institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies.
Angel Investment, Crowdfunding, FinTech, Funding Platform, Venture Capital Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
drivenets_logo DriveNets
DriveNets is a networking company that provides software-based routing solutions.
Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Network Hardware, Software Ra'anana, HaMerkaz, Israel
cymulate_logo Cymulate
Cymulate is a breach and attack simulation platform that helps organizations verify their security posture.
Computer, Cyber Security, Information Services, Information Technology, SaaS Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
mondaydotcom_logo is a work operating system where organizations of any size can create processes to manage every aspect of their work. NASDAQ:MNDY
Collaboration, CRM, Developer Tools, Marketing, Project Management, SaaS, Task Management Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
rewire-ltd_logo Rewire
Rewire is a fintech startup that develops cross-border online banking solutions for migrants worldwide.
Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
fiverr_logo Fiverr
Fiverr is a marketplace for creative and professional services. NYSE:FVRR
Advertising, Collaborative Consumption, Marketplace, Outsourcing, Task Management Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
talon-cyber-security_logo Talon Cyber Security
Talon Cyber Security provides cybersecurity solutions for the distributed workforce.
Cyber Security, Information Technology, Software, Web Browsers Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
tango-2_logo Tango
Tango Live is a leading global social media platform connecting influencers and their followers through live mobile video engagement.
Android, Apps, iOS, Messaging, Mobile, Social Network, Video Streaming Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
theranica_logo Theranica
Theranica is an Israeli biomedical technology company focused on developing electronic and wireless communication technology.
Biotechnology, Medical, Therapeutics Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel
frontegg_logo Frontegg
Frontegg provides a powerful user management infrastructure, designed for modern applications.
Compliance, Developer Tools, Enterprise Software, SaaS Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
cheq_logo CHEQ
CHEQ is a developer of a market team's security suite designed to protect customers' funnels, sites, and analytics from bots and fake users.
Analytics, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Information Technology, Internet Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
caaresys_logo Caaresys
An Israeli Startup that develops vehicle passenger monitoring system based on contactless low emission radio frequency radar.
Automotive, Health Care, Medical, Transportation Natanya, HaMerkaz, Israel
coronet_logo Coro
Coro is an all-in-one platform that protects the cloud from unauthorized access, prevents data leakage, and mitigates cloud threats.
Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Network Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
insightec_logo InSightec
InSightec develops and manufactures MR-guided ultrasound technology devices for image-guided acoustic surgery.
Biotechnology, Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Therapeutics Tirat Carmel, Hefa, Israel
accessibe_logo AccessiBe
accessiBe is the market leader in web accessibility solutions and technologies.
Internet, Software, Web Design Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
lightricks_logo Lightricks
Lightricks develops creativity tools that enable its users to craft and share visual content on mobile devices.
Consumer Software, Content, Mobile Apps, Photo Editing, Social Network Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
ai21_logo AI21 Labs
AI21 Labs specializes in developing AI systems with an unprecedented capacity to understand and generate natural language.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
checkmarx_logo Checkmarx
Checkmarx is a global leader in application security.
Enterprise Software, SaaS, Security, Software Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
hibob_logo HiBob
Hibob offers a mission critical, cloud-based human resources platform that allows companies to streamline HR processes and engage top talent
Human Resources, Information Technology, SaaS, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
diagnostic-robotics_logo Diagnostic Robotics
Diagnostic Robotic develops a signal-agnostic artificial intelligence system for healthcare insurers, providers, and patients.
Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Hospital, Robotics Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
agora-real-estate-technologies_logo Agora
Modern Real Estate Investment Management
Real Estate Investment, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
stream-elements_logo StreamElements
StreamElements provides content creators the tools they need to engage, grow, and monetize their audiences.
Content Creators, Developer Tools, Media and Entertainment, Music Streaming, Video Streaming Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
vesttoo-87a2_logo Vesttoo
Vesttoo is the worldโ€™s first marketplace for non-CAT insurance-based risk transfer and investments
Artificial Intelligence, Asset Management, Finance, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Risk Management, Trading Platform Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
aidoc_logo Aidoc
Aidoc specializes in developing artificial intelligence tools for radiologists and multidisciplinary response teams.
Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, Medical Device Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
torii-4618_logo Torii
Torii is the most advanced SaaS management platform on the market. Discover, optimize, and control your organizationโ€™s SaaS usage and cost.
Marketing, SaaS Ra'anana, HaMerkaz, Israel
perimeter-81_logo Perimeter 81
Perimeter 81 is a Network-as-a-Service designed to secure network for the modern and distributed workforce.
Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, SaaS Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
infinidat_logo Infinidat
Infinidat is a data storage software platform designed to store and protect numerous petabytes of data.
Big Data, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Storage, Information Technology, Software Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
saymine-technologies-mine_logo Mine
Mine provides a smart data assistant that enables people to discover and control their personal data online.
Big Data, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Internet, Mobile Apps, Network Security, Privacy, Risk Management, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
vayyar_logo Vayyar
Vayyar manufactures 4D imaging radar that provides solutions for senior care, automotive, security, smart home, and robotics.
Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Sensor, Software Yehud, HaMerkaz, Israel
aurora-labs_logo Aurora Labs
Aurora Labs offers a Vehicle Software Intelligence platform to unveil the unknowns for automotive software developers.
Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, Software Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
beewise-29a6_logo Beewise
Beewise offers robotic beehives that utilizes AI-powered precision robotics with minimal human intervention.
Agriculture, AgTech, Animal Feed, Artificial Intelligence Bet Haemek, HaZafon, Israel
moon-active-ff8c_logo Moon Active
Moon Active is a game development company focused on iOS, Android and Facebook games.
Gaming Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
zebra-medical-vision_logo Zebra Medical Vision
Zebra Medical Vision is a medical imaging insights platform.
Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Machine Learning, Medical Shefayim, HaMerkaz, Israel
apiiro-ltd_logo Apiiro
Apiiro enables security & development teams to proactively remediate risk before releasing to the cloud.
Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
remilk_logo Remilk
Remilk is a global leader in the development of animal-free dairy through microbial fermentation.
Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Nutrition Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
guesty_logo Guesty
Guesty is a property management platform that provides end-to-end property management software for short-term rentals.
Information Technology, Property Management, Rental, Rental Property, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
pixellot_logo Pixellot
Pixellot develops AI-based automatic video and analytics solutions for the semi-professional sports market.
Broadcasting, Software, Sports, Video, Video Streaming Petah Tiqwa, HaMerkaz, Israel
au10tix_logo AU10TIX
AU10TIX focuses on global customer onboarding and forensic level identity authentication.
Cyber Security, Identity Management, Machine Learning, Security Hod Hasharon, HaMerkaz, Israel
wiliot_logo Wiliot
Wiliot is an IoT company that develops self-powered tags that can be attached to products and packaging to sense a range of data.
Internet of Things, Semiconductor, Wireless Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
optimove_logo Optimove
With an actionable CDP at its core, Optimoveโ€™s CRM Marketing Hub autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, CRM, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
run-ai_logo Run:AI
Run:AI develops an automated distributed training technology that virtualizes and accelerates deep learning.
Artificial Intelligence, Computer, E-Learning, Hardware, Software, Training Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
datarails_logo DataRails
DataRails is a financial platform for spreadsheet management solutions for financial organizations.
Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, SaaS, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
atera-networks-ltd_logo Atera
Atera is an IT automation software that provides remote access, billing, reporting, and automation services.
Information Technology, IT Management, SaaS, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
team8_logo Team8
Team8 creates and invests in companies specializing in enterprise technologies, cyber, AI, and fintech.
Cyber Security, Financial Services, FinTech, Venture Capital Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
activefence_logo ActiveFence
ActiveFence enables Trust & Safety teams to protect their platforms and users from online arm - across content formats and abuse areas.
Computer, Cyber Security, SaaS, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
moovitapp_logo Moovit
Moovit is Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and #1 public transit app.
Internet, Navigation, Public Transportation, Ride Sharing, Software, Transportation Ness Ziona, HaMerkaz, Israel
proteantecs_logo ProteanTecs
proteanTecs provides deep data analytics on a cloud-based platform to monitor the health and performance of advanced electronics.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Semiconductor, Software Haifa, Hefa, Israel
vee-volunteers-ltd_logo Vee
We are creating a world where people are empowered by supporting the missions they love, while inspiring others to do the same.
Apps, Human Resources, Mobile, Social Impact, Software Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
mesh-security_logo Mesh Security
Mesh Security is the industryโ€™s first complete Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) platform solution.
Cloud Security, Cyber Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
flytrex_logo Flytrex
Flytrex develops drone delivery systems that simplify deliveries and enhance efficiency by shortening delivery times and lowering costs.
Delivery Service, Drones, Logistics, Robotics Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
hailo-technologies_logo Hailo
Hailo is a developer of a specialized deep learning processor that delivers the performance of a data center-class computer to edge devices.
Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Embedded Systems, Hardware, Machine Learning, Semiconductor Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
cropx_logo CropX
CropX is an ag-analytics company that sells cloud-based software which aims to save water and energy.
Agriculture, AgTech, Analytics, Energy, Water Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel
healthy-io_logo converts smartphone cameras into a clinical grade medical device.
Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology, Medical, Medical Device, Mobile Apps, Software Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
thetaray_logo ThetaRay
ThetaRay is a provider of unknown threat detection solutions to critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and other verticals.
FinTech, Fraud Detection, Identity Management Hod Hasharon, HaMerkaz, Israel
groundwork-bioag_logo Groundwork BioAg
Develop, manufacture and commercialize mycorrhizal inoculants for mainstream agriculture
Agriculture, Biotechnology, Farming, Manufacturing, Sustainability Ra'anana, HaMerkaz, Israel
redefine-meat_logo Redefine Meat
Redefine Meat uses 3D printing technology, meat digital modeling, and food formulations to produce animal-free meat.
3D Technology, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
joytunes_logo Simply (formerly JoyTunes)
Simply is a global subscription service reinventing the way people all over the world discover, learn and share creative hobbies.
EdTech, Mobile Apps, Music, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
silverfort-2_logo Silverfort
Silverfort delivers secure authentication and access policies across corporate networks and cloud environments.
Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Identity Management, Network Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
solaredge-technologies_logo SolarEdge Technologies
SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring systems. NASDAQ:SEDG
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
triplewhale_logo Triple Whale
Triple Whale is the eCommerce operating system for Shopify brands.
Apps, Data Integration, Data Visualization, E-Commerce, Internet, Software Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
hoopo_logo Hoopo
Hoopo enables geolocation for low-power, wide-area networks, and solutions that transforms unpowered assets into connected fleets.
Analytics, Internet of Things, Logistics, Real Time, Transportation Glil Yam, Tel Aviv, Israel
etoro_logo EToro
eToro is a social trading and investment network that allows users to trade currencies, commodities, indices, crypto assets and stocks.
Finance, FinTech, Social Media, Trading Platform Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
iguaz-io_logo Iguazio
Iguazio is a data science platform that enables them to develop, deploy, and manage AI applications at scale and in real-time.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, PaaS, Real Time, SaaS, Software Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
justt-ai_logo Justt
Justt turns a clunky and cumbersome credit card dispute process into one thatโ€™s fair, simple and hands-free for merchants.
E-Commerce, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
cycode_logo Cycode
The first source code control, detection, and response solution for visibility and protection across code repositories.
Cyber Security, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
perception-point_logo Perception Point
A Prevention-as-a-Service company, offering fast interception of any content-based attack across all channels
Cyber Security, Information Technology, Network Security, Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
spectral-4f70_logo Spectral
Spectral is an Israeli startup and key innovator in developer-first security tools designed by developers for developers.
Cyber Security, Developer Platform, Developer Tools, Software Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
guardicore_logo Guardicore
Guardicore provides micro-segmentation and workload protection solutions for data centers and public clouds.
Cloud Security, Data Center, Network Security, Security, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
w-s-c-sports_logo WSC Sports
WSC Sports' platform generates personalized sports videos for every digital platform and every sports fan - automatically and in real-time.
Artificial Intelligence, Broadcasting, Content, Digital Media, Sports, Video Giv'atayim, Tel Aviv, Israel
overwolf_logo Overwolf
Overwolf is a user-generated content platform that builds and develops gaming apps for gamers and creators.
Apps, eSports, Gaming, PC Games, Video Games Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
cye_logo CYE
CYE provides organizational security assessments, revealing complete attack routes, and building optimized mitigation plans.
Cyber Security, Security, Software Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
innoviz-technologies_logo Innoviz Technologies
Innoviz manufactures LiDAR sensors and perception software that enables the mass-production of autonomous vehicles. NASDAQ:INVZ
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Manufacturing, Sensor, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
peech-a8c1_logo Peech
Peech offers an automatic video editing tool for content marketing teams ( SaaS, web application, cloud)
SaaS, Video Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
buildots_logo Buildots
Buildots specializes in transforming construction sites into a data-driven digital environment.
Artificial Intelligence, Construction, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
plainid_logo PlainID
PlainID is a cybersecurity company providing a business-policy based authorization platform.
Business Intelligence, Compliance, Cyber Security, Identity Management, Information Technology Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
artlist_logo Artlist
Creative technology company offering content creators over 900K royalty-free high-quality digital assets and video & image editing software.
Content Creators, Film, Film Production, Internet, Music, Software, Video Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
liveu_logo LiveU
LiveU produces technology for television broadcasters to enable live video links via wireless cellular networks.
Broadcasting, News, Video Streaming, Wireless Kfar Saba, HaMerkaz, Israel
safe-t_logo Safe-T
Safe-T enables digital business (on-prem & in the cloud) by allowing access to applications, services & networks only after assessing trust. TLV:SFET
Enterprise Software, Network Security, Security Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
riverside-fm_logo is an audio-video recording platform for broadcast media and podcasts.
Audio, Media and Entertainment, Podcast, Software Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
8fig_logo 8fig
8fig provides a development planning and funding platform to help e-commerce enterprises.
E-Commerce, Financial Services, FinTech Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
cyberint_logo Cyberint
Cyberint is a software company that offers cyber threat intelligence solutions for cybersecurity companies.
Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Network Security, Security, Software Petah Tiqva, HaMerkaz, Israel
rezilion_logo Rezilion
Rezilion's holistic software attack surface management platform helps teams quickly manage risk across all environments, throughout the SDLC
Cloud Security, Cyber Security, SaaS, Software Beersheba, HaDarom, Israel
perion_logo Perion
Perion is a global technology company that delivers high-quality advertising solutions to brands and publishers. TLV:PERI
Advertising, App Marketing, B2B, Information Technology, Internet, Publishing Holon, Tel Aviv, Israel
cyolo_logo Cyolo
Cyolo's Zero Trust solution enables onsite and remote users to easily access their organizationโ€™s applications, servers, desktops and files.
Network Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
arbe-robotics_logo Arbe
Arbe Robotics offers Real Time 4D Imaging Radar for autonomous driving. NASDAQ:ARBE
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Semiconductor Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
elementor_logo Elementor
Elementor is an open-source website builder platform for professionals on Wordpress; Offered as a free and a premium edition.
Developer Tools, Internet, Small and Medium Businesses, Web Apps, Web Design, Web Development Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
quantum-machines_logo Quantum Machines
Quantum Machines is a start-up developing control systems for quantum computers.
Quantum Computing, Software, Software Engineering Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
travelertick_logo Bookaway
Bookaway is a ground travel booking platform, enabling travellers to book buses, ferries and trains worldwide.
Travel Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
prisma-photonics_logo Prisma Photonics
Prisma Photonics keeps the most critical large-scale infrastructure running with its next-generation optical fiber sensing solutions.
Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Power Grid, Railroad, Sensor Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
zencity_logo Zencity
Leading global community engagement SaaS technology platform for local governments
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, GovTech, Machine Learning, SaaS Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
wiz-inc_logo Wiz
Wiz is a cybersecurity company that allows companies to find security issues in public cloud infrastructure.
Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Security Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
neuroblade_logo NeuroBlade
The next generation of data acceleration solutions
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer, Hardware, Semiconductor Hod Hasharon, HaMerkaz, Israel
hourone-ai_logo Hour One AI
Hour One provides a presenter-led video creation platform designed to optimize business communication.
Artificial Intelligence, Video, Video Editing Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
h2pro_logo H2Pro
H2Pro is a renewable energy company that is working on an efficient green hydrogen production method - E-TAC.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Caesarea, Hefa, Israel
upstream-security_logo Upstream Security
Upstream Security is a centralized security and analytics platform for connected vehicles and smart mobility services.
Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber Security, Fleet Management, Machine Learning, Network Security Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
mobileye-vision-technologies_logo Mobileye, An Intel Company
Mobileye is a technology company developing vision-based advanced driver assistance systems that help prevent and mitigate collisions. NYSE:MBLY
Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Fleet Management, Machine Learning, Transportation Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
cider-security_logo Cider Security
Cider Security provides security teams with a single, consistent method to orchestrate and implement end-to-end CI/CD security.
Computer, Cyber Security, Security, Software Engineering Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
balance-98c2_logo Balance
Balance is a digital payments platform designed to make the B2B online purchasing experience delightful for buyers and vendors alike.
B2B, E-Commerce, FinTech, Payments Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
flow-security_logo Flow Security
Securing Data Wherever it Flows
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
utilis-israel-inc_logo ASTERRA
Satellite-based Infrastructure Intelligence Providing data driven solutions for utilities, engineers, and municipalities
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Geospatial, Image Recognition, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Sustainability, Water Rosh Ha'ayin, HaMerkaz, Israel
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