Organizations in Germany

Name Industry Address
siemens_logo Siemens
Siemens is an engineering and electronics company that specializes in the fields of industry, energy, transportation, and healthcare. NSE:SIEMENS
Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Employee Benefits, Insurance Munich, Bayern, Germany
foodpanda_logo Foodpanda
foodpanda is a online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile app.
Delivery, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Marketplace Berlin, Berlin, Germany
hellofresh_logo HelloFresh
HelloFresh is a food subscription company that sends pre-portioned ingredients to users’ doorstep each week. ETR:HFG
Delivery Service, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Subscription Service Berlin, Berlin, Germany
sap_logo SAP
SAP is a technology company that develops enterprise application software for companies and industries across diverse sectors. NYSE:SAP
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Computer, Finance, Software Walldorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
getyourguide_logo GetYourGuide
GetYourGuide operates an online platform for booking tours, attractions, and activities worldwide.
Consumer Reviews, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Recreation, Tourism, Travel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
bayer-ag-germany_logo Bayer
Bayer offers prescription products primarily for cardiology and women’s health care; specialty therapeutics in the areas of oncology. ETR:BAYN
Biotechnology, Chemical, Health Care, Pharmaceutical Leverkusen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
everphone_logo Everphone
Everphone is an online phone-as-a-service platform that offers a B2B smartphone and tablet rental service.
B2B, Electronics, Information Technology, Mobile Devices, Rental Berlin, Berlin, Germany
topi-53cf_logo Topi
topi offers a B2B subscription platform that allows retailers and manufacturers to rent out their equipment to other businesses.
B2B, FinTech, Hardware, Subscription Service Berlin, Berlin, Germany
the-football-app_logo OneFootball
Onefootball develops a platform designed to offer mobile marketing applications for professional soccer.
Apps, Mobile Apps, News, Software, Sports Berlin, Berlin, Germany
12traits_logo Solsten
Solsten is an AI firm engaged in understanding human behavior in the digital world to power the future of customer experience.
Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Psychology Berlin, Berlin, Germany
mondu_logo Mondu
Mondu is a B2B payment fintech company
B2B, Commercial Lending, Financial Services, FinTech Berlin, Berlin, Germany
idnow_logo IDnow
IDnow is a technology startup that provides advanced machine-learning technology for its Identity Verification-as-a-Service platform.
Identity Management, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Real Time, Security Munich, Bayern, Germany
celonis_logo Celonis
Celonis provides an execution management system that helps companies in running their business processes.
Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, SaaS Munich, Bayern, Germany
finn-b149_logo FINN
FINN offers monthly car-subscriptions to create a sustainable method for mobility.
Automotive, Car Sharing, Leasing Munich, Bayern, Germany
pentafintech_logo Penta
Penta is a digital business bank platform designed to help startups and SMEs save time and money on banking.
Accounting, Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Small and Medium Businesses, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
ottonova-holding-ag_logo Ottonova
ottonova is Germany's newest and purely digital health insurance
Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance Munich, Bayern, Germany
localyze_logo Localyze
Localyze is a software to manage your international team: Relocate international hires, temporarily transfer employees.
Information Technology, Internet, SaaS, Software Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
zalando_logo Zalando
Zalando is a fashion and technology company, currently transforming into a multi-service platform. ETR:ZAL
E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Fashion, Lifestyle Berlin, Berlin, Germany
soundcloud_logo SoundCloud
SoundCloud is a social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds.
Apps, Audio, Independent Music, Music, Music Streaming Berlin, Berlin, Germany
ceezer_logo Ceezer
Ceezer is a digital-first carbon bank that gives companies access to and guidance through the complex voluntary carbon market.
Big Data, CleanTech, Collaboration, Marketplace, Project Management Berlin, Berlin, Germany
contentful_logo Contentful
Contentful offers a headless content management system that helps organizations deliver content across channels.
Cloud Computing, Content, Developer Tools, SaaS, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
auxmoney_logo Auxmoney
auxmoney is a leading digital-lending platform for consumer credit in Europe.
Consumer Lending, Credit, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
tourlane_logo Tourlane
Tourlane is a planning and booking platform helping travelers research and buy multi-day tours online.
Internet, Leisure, Reservations, Tourism, Travel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
infineon_logo Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies offers semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and Automotive & Power Management ICs. ETR:IFX
Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing, Semiconductor Neubiberg, Bayern, Germany
liveeo_logo LiveEO
LiveEO is a real-time earth observation application that makes use of the synergies of EO data and geolocation services.
Mapping Services, Navigation, Satellite Communication Berlin, Berlin, Germany
forto_logo Forto
Forto is a digital freight forwarder and shipping management platform that specializes in freight forwarding.
Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping, Software, Supply Chain Management Berlin, Berlin, Germany
luminovo_logo Luminovo
Luminovo is a SaaS provider building the electronics operating system for EMS, OEMs, and distributors to accelerate technological progress.
Electronics, SaaS, Software Munich, Bayern, Germany
omio_logo Omio
Omio offers a multi-mode search tool that compares and combines rail, air, bus, and car for destinations.
Internet, Search Engine, Software, Travel, Travel Accommodations Berlin, Berlin, Germany
liefergrün_logo Liefergrün
Liefergrün is a technology platform striving for the most convenient and sustainable delivery experience in e-commerce.
E-Commerce, Logistics Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
lofelt_logo Lofelt
Lofelt is developing next-generation haptic technology for use in a range of products.
Consumer Electronics, Hardware Berlin, Berlin, Germany
moonfare_logo Moonfare
Moonfare provides access to top-tier private markets investment opportunities through a technology-enabled platform.
Asset Management, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech Berlin, Berlin, Germany
unstoppable-finance_logo Unstoppable Finance
Unstoppable Finance is building a next-gen crypto wallet to bring DeFi to retail investors globally.
Blockchain, Financial Services, FinTech Berlin, Berlin, Germany
dhl_logo DHL
DHL provides international express mail services.
Courier Service, Delivery Service, Local Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
worldcoin_logo Worldcoin
Worldcoin is a new global digital currency that will launch by giving a free share to every human on Earth.
Cryptocurrency Berlin, Berlin, Germany
choco_logo Choco
Choco provides a digital platform connecting restaurants and their suppliers in order to optimize the food supply chain.
Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Marketing, Restaurants, Supply Chain Management Berlin, Berlin, Germany
axel-springer_logo Axel Springer
Axel Springer is a media company engaged in publishing newspapers, magazines, and digital sales channels. FRA:SPR
Advertising, Digital Media, Marketing, News, Publishing Berlin, Berlin, Germany
latana_logo Latana Brand Tracking
Latana is a brand tracking tool that uses advanced data science to ensure reliable and accurate brand insights.
Analytics, Brand Marketing, SaaS Berlin, Berlin, Germany
evotec-inc_logo Evotec
Evotec is a drug discovery alliance company providing drug discovery solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. NASDAQ:EVO
Biopharma, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
solarisbank-ag_logo Solarisbank
Solarisbank is a Banking-as-a-Service platform that enables other companies to offer their own financial services via APIs.
Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology Berlin, Berlin, Germany
elise-gmbh_logo ELISE
ELISE GmbH is a Connected Engineering Software used in product development to develop better products faster.
Information Technology, Software Bremen, Bremen, Germany
bitwala_logo Nuri
Nuri empowers people to manage and grow their wealth through innovative technologies.
Banking, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech Berlin, Berlin, Germany
mahle_logo MAHLE
MAHLE offers innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure. BVMF:LEVE3
Automotive, Fuel, Information Technology, Manufacturing Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
allianz_logo Allianz
Allianz is an integrated financial services company offering a range of products, services, and solutions in insurance and asset management. ETR:ALV
Asset Management, Financial Services, Insurance, Intellectual Property München, Bayern, Germany
daimler_logo Daimler
Daimler is an automotive company that produces premium cars and commercial vehicles with a global reach. ETR:DAI
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Finance, Manufacturing Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
gunzilla-games_logo Gunzilla Games
Gunzilla Games is an independent, innovative, and player-focused developer of AAA games.
Console Games, Gaming, PC Games, Video Games Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
bitscrunch_logo BitsCrunch
A Blockchain Analytics + Forensics company which is headquarted in Munich, Germany - uses AI & ML to secure the NFT Ecosystem.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Ethereum, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics Munich, Bayern, Germany
babbel_logo Babbel
Babbel is the market-leading app for language learning.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Language Learning, Mobile Apps, Personal Development Berlin, Berlin, Germany
hometogo_logo HomeToGo
HomeToGo is a marketplace with the world's largest selection of vacation rentals FWB:HTG
Marketplace, Travel, Vacation Rental Berlin, Berlin, Germany
greencom-networks-ag_logo GreenCom Networks AG
GreenCom Networks is a Software-as-a-Service Company, offering white-label solutions for the utility industry and energy service companies.
Energy, Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Software Munich, Bayern, Germany
kontist_logo Kontist
Kontist is neo-bank & tax advisory for freelancers all in one
Accounting, Banking, Finance, Financial Services, Non Profit, Payments Berlin, Berlin, Germany
commercetools_logo Commercetools
commercetools is an enterprise commerce company providing modern cloud-native API-lead offerings.
Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, SaaS, Shopping München, Bayern, Germany
rocket-internet_logo Rocket Internet
Rocket Internet incubates and invests in internet and technology companies globally. ETR:RKET
Finance, Financial Services, Incubators, Internet, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
clark-2_logo Clark
Clark is an insurance platform that provides full insurance cover.
FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
razor-group_logo Razor Group
Razor Group is a global consumer holding company that partners with e-commerce merchants to acquire and scale brands.
Brand Marketing, Business Development, E-Commerce, Internet, Retail Berlin, Berlin, Germany
billie-io_logo Billie
Billie is a fintech startup that provides Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods for the B2B market.
E-Commerce, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Small and Medium Businesses Berlin, Berlin, Germany
upvest-co_logo Upvest
Upvest helps businesses build seamless investment experiences their customers love.
Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
fraugster_logo Fraugster
Fraugster is a German-Israeli anti-fraud company that uses artificial intelligence to eliminate fraud and increase customers’ profits.
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Financial Services, FinTech, Fraud Detection, Machine Learning, Mobile Payments, Payments Berlin, Berlin, Germany
workmotion_logo WorkMotion
WorkMotion is a human resources platform that allows companies to remotely hire and onboard employees.
Compliance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources Berlin, Berlin, Germany
transporeon_logo Transporeon
Transporeon is the cloud-based logistics platform that enables a worldwide collaborative network of logistics professionals.
Enterprise Software, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
price-f-x_logo Pricefx
Pricefx provides full suite price management solutions that are fast to implement, easy to use, and flexibly adapt to business needs.
E-Commerce, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, SaaS, Software Pfaffenhofen An Der Glonn, Bayern, Germany
chrono24_logo Chrono24
Chrono24 is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of luxury watches.
E-Commerce, Fashion, Jewelry, Marketplace Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
bunch-technology_logo Bunch
bunch technology is the Operating System for private markets.
Financial Services, FinTech, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
air-up_logo Air Up
air up is a provider of drinking bottle system that provides scent-flavored water.
Consumer, Food and Beverage, Retail Munich, Bayern, Germany
lisa-live-stream-shopping_logo LiSA
LiSA is a SaaS start-up the most joyful, seamless and scalable live shopping experiences to e-retailers and marketplaces across the globe.
E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace, Retail, Retail Technology, Shopping, Social Shopping, Software, Video Streaming Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
clue_logo Clue
Clue is a female health application that tracks period and fertility cycle.
Apps, Fertility, Fitness, Health Care, mHealth, Wellness, Women's Berlin, Berlin, Germany
airbank_logo Airbank
Airbank is an all-in-one finance platform that automates financial management for SMBs.
Banking, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
dryad-3351_logo Dryad Networks
Telecom, Forestry, IOT, Sensors, Networking, Analytics, Cloud, Environmental, Green
Analytics, GreenTech, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Software, Telecommunications Berlin, Berlin, Germany
productsup_logo Productsup
Productsup opens the gateway to sustainable commerce success.
Cloud Data Services, Content Syndication, Data Integration, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketplace, Retail Technology, SaaS Berlin, Berlin, Germany
tado_logo Tado°
Tado° offers smart thermostats and apps that adjusts to the real-time behavior of residents in private homes and small businesses.
Clean Energy, Smart Building, Smart Home Munich, Bayern, Germany
freachly-gmbh_logo Alphin
Digital platform for local business to manage their customer lifecycles.
Advertising, Local Business, Marketing, Retail, SaaS, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
kadmos_logo Kadmos
Kadmos is a payment solution that focuses on salary payments for migrant workers.
Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Berlin, Berlin, Germany
sono-motors_logo Sono Motors
Sono Motors is a global mobility and energy service provider. NASDAQ:SEV
Automotive, B2B, B2C, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing, Mobile Apps, Solar, Transportation Munich, Bayern, Germany
By combining the latest breakthroughs in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, develops the most accurate body scanning software.
3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, Software München, Bayern, Germany
lufthansa_logo Lufthansa
Lufthansa is an european group airline in India and considers India as one of the most important long-haul markets. ETR:LHA
Aerospace, Travel Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
marley-spoon_logo Marley Spoon
Marley Spoon is a cooking platform that offers recipes, helps its customers order seasonal ingredients. OTCQX:MLYSF
Cooking, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery Berlin, Berlin, Germany
zeotap_logo Zeotap
Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence platform that helps brands better understand their customers and predict behaviors.
Analytics, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SaaS Berlin, Berlin, Germany
lendis_logo Lendis
Lendis offers companies a SaaS solution that sets up and manages the employees' equipment and software in the hybrid working world.
Electronics, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Mobile, Office Administration, SaaS Berlin, Berlin, Germany
taxfix_logo Taxfix
Taxfix is an app that simplifies complex tax filing systems by offering a chat-like interface that only asks relevant questions to the user.
Accounting, Apps, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
go-flash_logo Circ
Circ delivers highest-quality rides with custom-made light electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicle, Last Mile Transportation, Transportation, Travel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
porsche_logo Porsche
Porsche is an automobile manufacturer that have advanced vehicle performance, improved safety, and spurred environmental innovations. BIT:PSH
Automotive, Manufacturing, Sports Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
cosi-hospitality_logo NUMA Group
NUMA Group is a German technology provider for short term rentals and travel accomodations.
Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality, Hotel, Rental, Travel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
anydesk_logo AnyDesk
AnyDesk is a remote desktop application.
Apps, Customer Service, Information Technology, Software Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
vimeda_logo Lykon
Lykon is an innovative health care company that provides digital health coaching based on Biomarker analysis.
Health Care, Internet Berlin, Berlin, Germany
valuecase_logo Valuecase
End-to-end customer engagement platform for B2B growth teams.
Information Technology, SaaS, Sales, Sales Automation, Software Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
helsing_logo Helsing
Helsing is an information technology company that artificial intelligence in implementing security.
Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
everdrop_logo Everdrop
Everdrop manufactures cleaning products.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Munich, Bayern, Germany
urban-sports_logo Urban Sports Club
Urban Sports offers a monthly flat rate for all kinds of sports activities in the city.
Fitness, Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness Berlin, Berlin, Germany
sonnenbatterie_logo Sonnen
Sonnen is a pioneer for intelligent lithium based energy storage.
Battery, Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Wildpoldsried, Bayern, Germany
holidu_logo Holidu
Holidu is building a search engine for vacation rentals.
Search Engine, Travel, Vacation Rental Munich, Bayern, Germany
heyjobs_logo HeyJobs
HeyJobs is a career platform matching the world's essential talent to opportunities.
Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Recruiting, SaaS, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
plana-earth_logo Plan A
Plan A is a GreenTech company that develops a carbon quantification platform to measure, monitor, and reduce environmental footprint.
Data Integration, GreenTech, Machine Learning, Software, Sustainability Berlin, Berlin, Germany
huuuge-games_logo Huuuge Games
Huuuge Games is a real-time social casual gaming platform.
Gaming, Online Games, Social Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Matchory is a global supplier database for strategic procurement, backed by state-of-the-art technology.
Analytics, Information Technology, Procurement, Software Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
merck-kgaa_logo Merck
Merck is a pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise that develops prescription drugs and over-the-counter products. ETR:MRK
Biotechnology, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
curevac_logo CureVac
CureVac is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that provides prophylactic and therapeutic application of messenger RNA. NASDAQ:CVAC
Biopharma, Biotechnology, Therapeutics Tübingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
hive-7176_logo Hive
Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day. Fast, transparent & affordable.
Delivery, E-Commerce, Logistics, Shipping Berlin, Berlin, Germany
y42_logo Y42
Y42 is a full stack scalable data platform that can be used either via writing SQL queries or drag-&-drop functions.
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Information Technology Berlin, Berlin, Germany
klang-games_logo Klang Games
Klang Games is an independent game development studio that develops next generation games.
Android, Gaming, Information Technology, iOS, PC Games, Product Design, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
researchgate_logo ResearchGate
ResearchGate is the professional network for researchers.
Internet, Professional Networking, Social Media Berlin, Berlin, Germany
hawk-ai_logo HAWK:AI
Money-laundering detection & investigation platform. SaaS, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
Banking, Compliance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments Munich, Bayern, Germany
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